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The specific parameters of the magnetic lock must be read first
Time:2019/7/29 4:47:34    Read:845 Time

The detailed parameters of the magnetic lock are as follows, you must first read these data when buying:

1. Double wooden, glass and iron doors with 90 degree one-way and double doors (only open inside or outside);

2. The suction force reaches 2×180 kg;

3, no mechanical wear, long service life;

4, power on lock power off the lock;

5. Single voltage operation (12-15v); Size: 336×38×23; Size of secondary plate (suction plate) : 140×32×11

6. Low temperature and temperature rise to room temperature +8℃.

All kinds of data must be carried out according to the reality to make our life happier, with the magnetic lock our anti-theft work will be easier.

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