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Magnetic locks have the widest range of features and USES
Time:2019/7/29 4:49:06    Read:517 Time

    Magnetic lock (or electromagnetic lock) planning and electromagnet, is the use of electric magnetic principle, when the current through the silicon steel sheet, electromagnetic lock will produce strong suction force tightly absorbed adsorption iron plate to achieve the role of locking the door.

    Only a small current electromagnetic lock will produce a great magnetic force, the control of the electromagnetic lock power supply access control system to identify the right personnel after the power failure, the electromagnetic lock will lose electromagnetic suction, the door can be opened.

    Magnetic lock - free rain - electric lock blog about the blog about magnetic lock - free rain - electric lock, electromagnetic lock without complex mechanical structure and lock tongue structure, suitable for the escape door or fire door access control.

    Magnetic lock features: convenient device, low noise, long life, strong suction. Suitable for office buildings, units, factories, intelligent communities, homes, new hotels building intercom system, access control system, entrance control system, security monitoring system and other supporting use.

    Magnetic lock applicable door type: wooden door, glass door, iron door, fire door

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