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Magnetic lock manufacturers today for you to carry out a detailed analysis of the product
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Basic parameters of magnetic lock:

Lock body size: 500mmL× 48.5mmh ×25mmD

Suction plate size: 180mmL×38mmH×11mmD

Maximum tension: 280kg(600Lbs) linear tension

Input voltage: DC12V or DC24V+10%

Operating current: 12V/300mA 24V/150mA

Signal output: door condition LED indicator

Surface temperature: below ambient temperature +20℃

Applicable temperature: -10 ~ +55℃(14-131f)

Applicable humidity: 0~95% relative humidity

Shell disposal: anode hardening plating disposal

Lock body disposal: environmental protection zinc plating disposal

Suction plate disposal: environmental protection zinc plating disposal

Product advantages:

280kg(600Lbs) static linear tension

The factory voltage specification is set to 12VDC

Built-in reverse current protection equipment (MOV)

Anti-residual magnetic planning, choose anti-wear data, material selection of its electronic lock value is greater!

High strength alloy materials are selected for aluminum shell, and anode hardening treatment is adopted.

Magnetic lock without mechanical failure, completely choose electromagnetic suction operation,

Increase electromagnetic suction, professional planning, two layers of lock body insulation.

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