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Electronic lock of the latest anti - theft performance and technical features
Time:2019/7/29 5:02:17    Read:880 Time

    Electric lock installation in the outdoors how to match it? Because the emergence of electronic control lock makes the anti-theft business of the society become simple, a good electronic control lock is not only remote command ability, but also has the close anti-theft ability, comprehensive advantages of various products, the quality of electronic control lock especially becomes huge, the use of electronic control lock effect climbing let our life become beautiful and comfortable.

    With the high quality and high performance of the electronic lock, we do not have to fear thieves night attack, we can rest assured to sleep, let the electronic lock to serve our life! The embodiment of security will make us more like electronic lock:

Locking voltage: 9-15v

Current: 1.5 3 a

Sensitivity: 0.5s

Application: open the door with electricity

Service life: more than 300,000 times

    First cooperation: building intercom, remote control, code controller, and other long-distance equipment use, do not advocate alone

Product features:

    The lock has been approved by the commodity quality supervision, inspection and testing center.

    Two, the lock selection of electronic control open, key rotation, remote control, induction Carmen control, manual unlock function, high security, high security and avoid indoor unloading lock features.

    Three, the lock is used in residential, common gate, office, campus, hostel, hotel building, factory warehouse, and can be used with electronic security door.

    Four, choose high temperature resistant PVC plastic coil, can ensure the coil in the case of long-term electrification will not be burned out.

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