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Uncover the principle of anxing mute lock
Time:2019/7/29 5:04:42    Read:915 Time

    Why can anxing mute lock mute? Believe you also want to know about this question, actually the mute mute lock function is not so mysterious, as long as the mechanical parts ready the friction will reduce, and the role of lubrication on the noise will be reduced, the principle is very simple, reduce the contact area of the internal components, be careful and reasonable, so the noise of the mute lock will reduce a lot of, if the effect of lubrication properly the mute can perfect realization.
    The market dominated by electronic intelligence mute lock anti-theft products, in the community and is widely used in floor, make the products suitable for installation and use, anywhere AnXing mute lock helps improve the household environment also has a very good play its security role, so AnXing mute lock and rated as the best and most practical intelligent practical locks.

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